Our Mission

Our mission is to provide non-toxic, eco-friendly chemical products for worldwide agricultural distribution. Since our inception, we have dedicated and invested significant resources, human and financial, to the research and development of environmentally friendly alternatives to the existing toxic, chemical products available on the market now. After years of hard work, Agrilipid, Inc. has developed unique strains of rhamnolipid - a biosurfactant secreted from bacteria – with the same effectiveness of existing products and without the negative side effects and impact of the current chemicals widely used today. Our goal is to provide our dedicated farmers with an eco-friendly way to control agricultural pathogens and pests by replacing environmentally unsafe man-made chemicals that are causing damage to the environment with our “green” products.

Our Team

Keith DeSanto, CEO and Director

Keith started his career with the Boston Stock Exchange in 1987 and has since managed and owned NASDAQ Broker Dealers. He purchased Rhamnolipid-based operations in 2004 and has devoted all of his time to developing a cost-effective production method for producing rhamnolipid in industrial quantities and developing a control for Citrus Greening using rhamnolipid.

Morgan Rountree, Vice President

Daniel Rojas, Operations Manager

Agronomists & Researchers

Conrad Bernier - Lucien M. Bordeleau - Dr. Jonas Contiero - Dr. Helen Zhang

Maria Izabel Camargo-Mathias - Marlus Chorilli - Dr. Patricia Bento da Silva

Beatriz Cristina Pecoraro Sanches - Cinthia Cristine de Moura

Claudio José Von Zuben - Vinícius Luiz Da Silva - Henrique Ferreira

Roberta Barros Lovaglio - Dr. Reinaldo Marchetto - Ana María Salazar Bryam

Dr. Carolyn Slupsky